Guitar Players Baby..but how do i tell him!?!

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alex9217 By alex9217 Updated 5 years ago
Eliana moves with her mom after the divorce with her dad and with her she carries a child of Nixon, a guitar player of a band that is becoming famous but she doesnt know if she should tell him. Meanwhile she is befriending William a guy who becomes her bestfriend and believes she should tell the father about the baby that is soon to come.
UPDATE PLEASE I LOVE YOUR STORY!!!!!!!!( this was ment for the 5th chapter, lol)
so like she can tell some totall stranger that she's pregnant but not the father ... I LOVE IT LOL hahahahaha
i hated ur story lol j/k ... I Loved it <3
                                                                                    - caro
its fantastic !!!!~!!!!!!!
                                    im proud im going to force you to write more!!!lol