sub-bear [niam] 18+

sub-bear [niam] 18+

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lazy af By LilyLukeMuke Updated Jun 01, 2016


The world is formed all around subs and doms.
Once you are born you are placed in either two catagories, submissive or dominant.
Niall is a sub.
Liam is a dom.



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lolfangirl_1D lolfangirl_1D May 11, 2016
This may sound stupid but what is water play I know everything on the list except this😂😳
misterprrda misterprrda Jan 04, 2016
*is quiet in my narry corner while everyone is freaking out about larry*
stylinsbrave stylinsbrave Dec 02, 2015
But har is literally a sugary plumcake with strawberry cream :c good story anyway, bruh (im so late, its december dangit and the last comments are from october lol im so retarded sorry)
simplymelexi simplymelexi Nov 20, 2015
*Exhales shaky breath* I think..... I found *breaths heavily* a new o...t...p..
Niall_Boobare Niall_Boobare Nov 19, 2015
DYINGNFNGNGN OMF*looks back to see if it says he had a butt plug in his booty*
whatsuphomedog whatsuphomedog Aug 04, 2015
Sometimes I feel like 
                              Some bodies watching me
                              And I got no privacy