My Biggest Secret (Completed)

My Biggest Secret (Completed)

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Have you ever had a secret that had to be kept even from your closest friends. A secret that could tear apart of what fans had believed in one person. Delirious is going through the same situation and is torn to tell "his" friends about what it is.

Join Delirious and help "him" deal with his secret problem and the trials "he" goes through as its been revealed.

Mmmmm if you wanted to see Boy x Boy action

This is not the book for you

Artwork isn't mine; credit goes to the artist who made this

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InsanlyDelirious InsanlyDelirious Sep 25, 2017
I swear you guys are all dumb. If you haven't found out by the title and description, he's a girl.
SideSmallDick SideSmallDick Dec 26, 2016
Was he a girl and changed into a boy, or the other way around?
PhannicAtTheMilkFic PhannicAtTheMilkFic Apr 05, 2016
Let me guess, Delirious is a girl. Judging from the description. XD Welp, tiñe to read!
H20gaming H20gaming Nov 11, 2015
Damn it Delirious, why didn't you show your fuckin face when you already hit 5 million subscribers!!!!! X(
Nattybooks Nattybooks Jun 15, 2015
AngelsAre4Real AngelsAre4Real Apr 04, 2015
Im going to guess he is a Neko of some sort.. Or that Delirious is a girl, pretending to be a guy..