Daddy's Little Boy

Daddy's Little Boy

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bethewolf By bethewolf Updated Oct 16, 2016

Zack: Just a young teen living life one day at a time. His life was just fine, living with his husky and his mother. His father leaving him and his mother after abusing both of them, when he was barely 5. 

Zack is also gay. But that doesn't really matter. Everyone knows and the haters only pick on him at school... and every where he goes... His life takes a big turn when his mother starts dating some new guy...Koda White

Koda: 32 year old man, with a good job and money. Starts to date Zack's mother. Koda is pretty tall at 6'4 with a fair amount of money. He's been living his life as a straight male... that is until his eyes meet Zack's...

( This book has nothing to do with my other stories. I just enjoy using the same names XD Some characters will look the same as others. Oh well.... Use ur imagination)

- - Sep 15, 2016
I'm bisexual and I Love being one ,and for me its about 60/40 with girls in the lead . I actually have a crunch on my friend ,but I can't tell her that :(
falling_in_reverse11 falling_in_reverse11 Feb 10, 2016
There my favorite band! I love him already. Anyone who likes Falling In Reverse is awesome.
Tara-Dikov Tara-Dikov Jul 29, 2016
I'm 100% lesbian so dick can stay away. I used to think I was bisexy... But yeah that's a no.
XxLovelyHorizonXx XxLovelyHorizonXx May 12, 2016
I freaking love that song 😍. After that, I fell in love with Falling In Reverse
SuicideIsLife166 SuicideIsLife166 Aug 25, 2016
Same as my friend she think she Bi but she's not sure its like 30% she's scared to tell anyone tho
Kaosmelody Kaosmelody Nov 03, 2016
If he can beat up some buff ass kid in a blink of an eye I'm be gone in a blink of an eye