Renesmee Cullen diary-my teenage life the continuation of breaking dawn

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This is Reneesme's carlie cullen diary, the daughter of Edward and Bella, it's my point of view to the life after" breaking dawn". It describes her teenage life, her first love and everything a usuall teen goes through, even better ;)
I love the story line and every thing, I think its great but sorry to say but the grammar can be quite terrible at times, I'm not trying to be mean I still love the story its just the sentences don't make sense because of the grammar.
Hey guys, I really like this story, I was also wondering if you could maybe check out mine? Titles "running against the wind" it's a fanfiction about Renesemee and Jacob and the hardships they face, I know it's a long shot but it you have some time please stop by, thanks so much, Alexa 
OMG I love this story! But sometimes the language is very bad English. Sorry for saying that, but I can't read when the book is not good English.
Cant believed she fussed out bella cant believe she almost went all the way with jacob i cant believe she was mad......but i loved it
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I like the end " sorry guys got to get ready for school" that's the shit I like B-)
OMG!!! That was great but next time im not saying this in a bad way but next time plz make sence plz