The First Dragons Daughter (Fairy Tail x Reader)

The First Dragons Daughter (Fairy Tail x Reader)

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Ashley ;) By Darkangell666 Updated Jan 27

What would happen if Fairy Tails true strongest member finally found their way to the guild?  What would happen when they met Team Natsu?

This story will explain it all to you.

You are the cousin of Mavis Vermilion and go to live with her once you are orphaned.  You and Mavis create Fairy Tail and live peaceful lives until a fire destroys it all.  Left all alone you meet Acnalogia and begin to train under him, but he also leaves you.  What will happen when an abandoned girl meets a possible new family?  

Read on to find out! 

EmbraceLeCrazyness EmbraceLeCrazyness Oct 10, 2016
First of all: I'm still the strongest wizard thank you very much
                              Second of all: You must of noticed I didn't say teenage because my (our) age is somewhere in the 5 hundreds or higher so like no shiz sherlock
Darkangell666 Darkangell666 Apr 09, 2016
Well I like to think of it not as her magic but particles in the air that have changed their composition to become that of the burger.  So it's not really her magic it's more of just fixed air and particles.
silent-silken-pain silent-silken-pain Dec 06, 2016
*random dragon asks if you wanna be his kid*
                              "Sure, I guess."
Yurp I got an important job! It's call FINDING A HOUSE NATSU!!!-walks out then sees a shadow- hello darkness my old friend
WinYi5 WinYi5 Jul 07, 2016
Does anybody have a cousin who looks innocent and pure but they're actually evil? I argue with a "angel" so I should have the title of Rauko
doritopie711 doritopie711 Apr 09, 2016
I hate to be nitpicky but I thought wizards couldn't eat their own magic when she conjures a burger that is technically eating her own magic great story though