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Bullied by Calum Hood // 5SOS FANFICTION

Bullied by Calum Hood // 5SOS FANFICTION

90.3K Reads 2.7K Votes 30 Part Story
georgia By georgialehmann Completed

A girl called Pippa Johnson gets bullied by Calum Hood, one day a new boy moves into the house next to hers, they become friends immediately and then everything changes.

mybuttholeisitchy mybuttholeisitchy Aug 17, 2016
I live in America and only religious and private schools wear uniforms
wowzersdan wowzersdan Jul 20, 2016
Every time they say something mean to me or do something bad I always say a sarcastic comment back in my head.
michaelseggplant_ michaelseggplant_ Jun 05, 2016
Oh my gawd I've read this before 0_0 I just saw my old comment lol
xXHood__CliffordXx xXHood__CliffordXx Jul 28, 2016
I don't have uniforms. I go to a French public school. Where I'm from mostly  catholic schools have uniforms
Leilani2442 Leilani2442 Nov 19, 2016
When I first saw Pippa Johnson I thought it was a play on the name poppa johns
wtf_hope wtf_hope Mar 04, 2016
Wait, Curly Brown Hair, Green Eyes, Thick English Accent, And  Dimples, DO I SMELL A WILD HARRY STYLES!!!