Moments | hs au

Moments | hs au

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❝I only take pictures of things that intrigue me, things that I really enjoy, things that I-❞

❝So, things you love?❞ I finish for him.

Harry smiles a bit, and nods, surprised that I had understood. He gazes down towards the pile beneath his hands and then back up to me.

❝Yeah, I guess you could say that.❞

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BABYDOLL_07 BABYDOLL_07 Dec 19, 2016
Thats me 
                              Only because im a lazy asz BÏTCH and like to take naps in between
protectinglarryx protectinglarryx Sep 13, 2016
i saw the cover
                              thought it was maia then i thought i was crazy
                              went into it and realised i wasnt crazy
                              then i freaked
                              bc maia is mommy af
Dream_With_Me_94 Dream_With_Me_94 Sep 23, 2016
"I have no friends in California whatsoever, and I don't plan on making any anytime soon."
                              THAT WILL CHANGE
_summerstars _summerstars Aug 20, 2016
lol thats basically me every weekend/summer i rarely go out of my house but i do have friends so sometimes they come over
wellwellwellington25 wellwellwellington25 Nov 17, 2016
My dad lives in a different state and so I know exactly how she feels
ughIyy ughIyy Aug 08, 2016
The frog that thinks collar blind jokes are funny was named Harry