Moments | hs au #Wattys2016

Moments | hs au #Wattys2016

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❝I only take pictures of things that intrigue me, things that I really enjoy, things that I-❞

❝So, things you love?❞ I finish for him.

Harry smiles a bit, and nods, surprised that I had understood. He gazes down towards the pile beneath his hands and then back up to me.

❝Yeah, I guess you could say that.❞

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i saw the cover
                              thought it was maia then i thought i was crazy
                              went into it and realised i wasnt crazy
                              then i freaked
                              bc maia is mommy af
"I have no friends in California whatsoever, and I don't plan on making any anytime soon."
                              THAT WILL CHANGE
lol thats basically me every weekend/summer i rarely go out of my house but i do have friends so sometimes they come over
My dad lives in a different state and so I know exactly how she feels
The frog that thinks collar blind jokes are funny was named Harry
Lol harry always pops up anywhere he could be in the closet rn HAHA SEE WHAT I DD THERE? ;)