Just One Night (MC Romance)

Just One Night (MC Romance)

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When Nineteen year old Madelyn Jones goes to a club for her birthday with her best friend Katie, she doesn't expect to meet anyone. She is just there because her friend forced her to go. She planned on going to the club for a couple hours, having a few drinks and maybe dancing a little, and then heading home to finish off her night by watching 'The Vampire Diaries' on Netflix, that was her idea of a perfect night.

That isn't how her night ended though. She actually ended up going home with Jude, a hot, bad boy biker, not just any biker, the president of Mesa Highway MC, one of the biggest, most feared motorcycle clubs in Southern California.

What happens when Maddie finds out that she is pregnant?

Read to find out.

This book is moving pretty fast but other than that it's good.
__Lysiaaaaa __Lysiaaaaa Aug 26
I don't like her. Who lets their drunk friend (who they pressured to drink) leave the club with a random? He could have been a serial killer or something.
                              But I have been out clubbing 3 times in the past 10 days 💃🏻😂
I love this book  so much! Rereading it for like the fifth time
jess0365 jess0365 Jul 11
Damn why do men think its their kid only Like Come on Women are the ones carrying the child for 8 damn months with tons of morning sickness and pain and after that the painful birth like have some damn respect! but nice book a bit to fast but that k
danesskie danesskie Sep 17
thank goodness i found this book again i really missed reading this book