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Inu Daiyōkai Sesshōmaru's Forgotten Mate

Inu Daiyōkai Sesshōmaru's Forgotten Mate

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xXxAni OruteizuxXx By xXxAnixXx Updated Jun 05, 2016

To most people Amaterasu Kiyomizo is an ordinary 18-year-old
girl. She only has one true best friend in Tokyo, Kagome Higurashi, where she
lives with her Mother Hanako. They have never kept secrets from another not
even Kagome's adventures to the Feudal Era where she fought Naruko by Inuyasha's side. But she has kept one very big secret from her all these years scared that she might lose her best friend. She is no ordinary girl she is actually a pureblooded dog demon a inu daiyōkai. Her Father Jitsuko the Lord of the North region forced to send his toddler daughter and mate to the future through the well with the help of a witch when demons started to attack their kingdom wanting to take his daughter's unique power. For the last fifteen years she has lived as a human keeping her demon side locked away the moment she went through the well with her Mother. She is still stronger than humans but she has not transformed into her full demon self since. Now that she is eighteen the age she had been promised to return back the Feudal Era not only to be crowned the Queen of the North also to be finally married and mated to her betrothed none other than Sesshōmaru her first real friend before Kagome. But she doesn't want to go back. She's happy in the present time. She's scared of being forced to start her life all over without any real friends and married to a man she once adored as a child but who has become heartless or so that's what she thinks from what Kagome has told her about him.

This sounds a lot like yusuke urameshi from yu yu hakusho
                              Anybody else?