Song Of The Heart {Fairy Tail AU:GaLe}

Song Of The Heart {Fairy Tail AU:GaLe}

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{ANOTHER COLLAB WITH THE WIFEY!!! And guess what, you can suspect sweet, tangy, LEMON! That's right, lemon collab with the beautiful @chello_8893 . Are you ready? 
Odd Chaps: Moi. Even chaps: Wifey}


I couldn't wipe the grin off my face as I peered towards the ground. The building was surrounded by hundreds of people, all anxious to get inside. From my place in the air, no one could see me, or my companion. "Why are we here again?" She sighed, brushing her long brunette hair over her shoulder. I rolled my eyes as I looked over to her. She was a succubus, large black leather wings slowly stroked the air, a thick deep green snake like tail curled out behind her and thin black horns swept out of her hair. She looked much different than myself. I had small black bat wings and a whip like tail. Small horns curled out of my hair, and light blue scales were scattered across my body. Some dusted my cheek bones like freckles, scales covered my shoulders, some kissed my hip bones and co...

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xBellesx xBellesx Aug 07, 2017
if anything gajeel would be the incubus and levy would be the angle!
xBellesx xBellesx Aug 07, 2017
wait wait wait what?! Levy is a seductive demon and gejeel is a god damn ANGEL?! wtf is going on?!
boo_pelos boo_pelos May 20, 2016
First thing that came to mind was the seagulls in Nemo saying mine,but when I read moi it sounded like a really British "mine"
Secret_Levy Secret_Levy Sep 17, 2016
But Levy your plan for mischief! Don't get distracted over him just yet...!
lovemybtsfandom lovemybtsfandom Dec 13, 2016
I find kind of funny that gajeels is the angel and levy is the demon great concept i really love it
BambooGreen BambooGreen Feb 12, 2015
@sofyy21 Thanks! Yeah, I was a bit tired of sweet innocent angel Levy, so the little demon was born! The wife and I have lots planned!