The forgotten Cullen

The forgotten Cullen

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SASSY BITCH By thatgirlwithnolife_ Completed

Hi. I am Max Cullen. I have a twin sister names Reneseme. She is a bitch. There is no other way to say it. My sister is a bitch. She hates me.
I have never loved being a vampire. I don't even like my parents. Bella bitch- is mean, I mean look at my nickname for her. Mr. Edward is also really mean. I guess he wasn't expecting me.
They call me monster. I hate it. The only people that are nice to me are Emmet and Rosalie. They are my parents. 

Maxie, Max- for short, is the forgotten Cullen. Nobody really thinks about her, and they really just don't care. But when the Voltri take her with them, and name her there princess, the Cullens want her back. The war lasts for Years. As long as anyone can remember. But what happens when the Cullens lose? And after 10 long years of living in China, is Max ready to go back? 


The first few chapters are CRAP sorry

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