The Girl He Finally Noticed ( Anxiety Attack )

The Girl He Finally Noticed ( Anxiety Attack )

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Asude Kumas By AsudeKumas Updated Sep 01, 2016

Book is going under major editing so please don't read it till May 29th. If you read rn then it will be very confusing. Warning. 

"Why are you always trying to ruin everything?" Matthew whispered, his eyes becoming glossy.

"You don't deserve to know." I mumbled, warm tears sliding down. 

"Are you serious? I do deserve to know, after everything we have been through!" His voice increasing each word. His hand waving around showing his anger and confusion.

"Because Matthew," 

"Because what?" He made me jump a little.

"Everything has ruined me."


'Destroy What Destroys You.' Is probably one of the most famous quotes that mostly everyone knows. For Emma Martinez - a 17 year-old girl - it's a little different. Maybe a little more violent. 'Destroy What Destroyed Me' meaning 'Ruin Everything That Ruined Me'. One of the reasons why she flushes her pills for pain down the toilet. She (sadly) has more than a bottle of pills, she has one for anxiety, stress, sadness/depression, sleeping, and for anorexia. Only her mother knows about that since she's the one who writes the bills and taxes while her dad works. 

"When you start noticing things a lot clearer, then you see all the things you have missed in your life." How Emma thought about Matthew Parker when he first came in her life. At first, she was shocked and frightened. Then she felt a little anger and sadness towards him as she started noticing how he only noticed her for her reputation. Matthew has one of the perfect lives in school that makes everyone jealous of him - other than his looks and wealth. When these two get a clearer view on each other, they noticed how their lives was similar in ways.

Like how they both have goals.

"Destroy the last thing that destroyed me," she read off her list. "Me."

"Notice the small details in Emma," he read off his list. "And save her."

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