WAS [Vic Fuentes]

WAS [Vic Fuentes]

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Ah yes. Warped Tour. It's been our goal for years to make it this far. 

Let me introduce myself. I'm Jenna, lead singer of a band called "Whispering A Scream" or "WAS." 

And this was going to be the best summer ever. Why? Because we made it. We're playing warped! Main stage to be precise.

But like everything in life, theres a downside.

I have no clue how this summer is going to end, but I can say it'll be interesting. 

I mean how do you think having to tour with the first guy to break your heart for three months is going to go? With my luck probably horrible.

imradandsad imradandsad Feb 26
I don't think I've ever seen someone say how nice they are that aggressively
Heartbroken-love Heartbroken-love Dec 21, 2017
I want more piercings but when I ask my parents say if I get more I’ll get kicked out of their house
_linny_boo_ _linny_boo_ Dec 30, 2016
Was that supposed to be a Sum 41 reference, because if so, you sneaky... 😏
dead-inside-gee dead-inside-gee Oct 12, 2016
Now I rlly wanna steal this bands name 😂 If in years to come u see a punk band named Whisper A Scream you'll know how they got the name 😂 Lol jk
cookiesforluv cookiesforluv Apr 21, 2015
                              He'll yeah
                              Also THTS the sound Jesus will make when he comes back
cookiesforluv cookiesforluv Apr 21, 2015
I plan on getting a tattoo of a semi colon omg 
                              Also wrists are for bracelets not cutting
                              I breathe disaster ever after
                              And a lip piercing
                              Omg we think alike lil