The Moon Has Mated Us

The Moon Has Mated Us

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Book 1 of the Mated Us Series 
The Moon Goddess has decided to mate them. So their story and intertwined fate beings...

Luna Grayson is eighteen years old and is enjoying her summer before college. Her Father is the Alpha of the Violet Moon Pack. Top it off with her two older brother's Liam and Jun, who are just as protective. She's a shy woman that obeys her Alpha father. She loves to read and comes out of her shell when she dances. 
Alexander Lycian is twenty-foour years old. He's the Alpha of the Emerald Moon Pack since his Father stepped down. He is forced to move his Pack because of a Hunter attack. He is a strong dominant Alpha who is loved by is Pack. While signing a treaty with the Violet Moon Pack he never expected to meet his Little Mate. This is their story of fate and love.

NOTE: 18+ Chapters will be Private. 
Thank you to @original_allie for making my lovely cover!

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Cheshireflair Cheshireflair Sep 25, 2017
I peeped from the first chapter. I mean I love purple as much as the next person it’s my fav color but damn too much
Dance for guests? Who lets their kid do this? I most certainly would NOT.
NatalieCrespo6 NatalieCrespo6 Dec 05, 2017
Idk where you went to go get your piercing done but a belly button piercing is done buy hand 🤚 never gun
OutdatedPlanet OutdatedPlanet Jun 13, 2016
I say this as a constructive criticism and not out of malice, but I would suggest some paragraph breaks. It would make reading your story much easier.
Roetje1989 Roetje1989 Aug 26, 2016
"Beth and I made enjoy food for an entire pack." Enjoy? Or did you mean enough
AnitaStCroix AnitaStCroix Jul 13, 2015
I love the story so far I'm surprise not many people is reading it