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The perks of being Iron Man's daughter include; waltzing through wild parties, hiring handsome bodyguards, and inheriting a billion dollar technology empire.   The downsides, however, aren't as appealing.  For Emma Stark, finding out that she has Genetically Altered DNA because her paranoid dad wanted to keep her 'safe' isn't exactly comforting news.  Not to mention that her DNA just-so-happens to contain traces of the former-prince of Asgard, and notorious master of lies; Loki Laufeyson. 

Because of her 'half-human-half-Jotun' DNA, she's got several rogue terrorist groups (Not including Laufey himself) painting a red target on her back.  They want her DNA to create their own super soldier.  More specifically, a soldier that can follow commands without questioning authority, which, if placed in the wrong hands, could result in another technical holocaust. 

With her quick wit, S.H.E.I.L.D. Training, and a reluctant Steve Rogers, Emma Stark is on a dangerous mission to face her attackers and make them pay.  Now is her chance for unhinged revenge, and no one can stop a hellbent Stark.

Unfortunately for Emma, facing up to her demons involves a little bit more than she'd originally hoped for.  To be more specific, it involves brutal torture, belligerent romance, and the unnerving Prince Of Frost Giants himself.  So when these two hardheaded, sarcastic, cocky characters are forced to work together, you can guarantee that someone is bound to get burned.  Or frozen.  Whatever. 


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Tony: want sum fuk
                              Steve: i want you to fuk off if thats why you mean
I love that you're using that specific song bc it's, no joke, the song that I associate with tom!😍😍
Is pepper her bio mom? Coz if could pepper have died a few years prior when the character said her mom (she called pepper her mom) died when she was five? I'm confused
Wait what if she's like Claire from Heroes and her powers didn't manifest until a solar eclipse....... 
                              Cause that would be AWESOME!!!!!!
"I feel every nerve in my body scream for release" tbh that's sounds like the start of a sex scene
You guys are saying how big she failed, but this will most likely happen to me at some point looking back at me lol