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Irreplaceable (BTS JIMIN FANFIC)

Irreplaceable (BTS JIMIN FANFIC)

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misshobie By misshobie Completed

I scribbled little doodles on my desk as I had my head down. The door slammed shut and I sat up and fixed my hair. He sat next to me since it's his assigned seat. *Sniffs* Gosh his cologne is perfect just like himself.
"Hi Harmony." he said.
"H-hey...Jimin..." I said.
I blushed. Jimin is my friend but I'm not exactly close to him, since he's like the most popular guy at school. He's really sweet, but he's also known as one of the best dancers in his crew. BTS. The group of hotties I should say, they really are something. Every girl would kill to date one of them, but they don't really show affection towards anyone. However they are all so charming and sophisticated, like gentleman. I like how they each carry themselves out, especially Jimin. I know I'm not the only girl at school who has the biggest crush on him, I mean, he's Park Jimin. duh?
"Harmony.." he whispered.
I looked at him confused, he gave me a note.
"Read it after class.." he whispered.
I wonder what the note says...

♧NOTE♧ • Please excuse the horrible grammar/spelling errors/poor use of words. This was one of my first fanfics •

Pikune Pikune Jun 09
It says he's "like tacos with a lot of chilly..mmmm delicious.."
                              you're welcome ;)
                              btw, small shiny chilli peppers xD (get it?)
for me, swearing makes the stories much more real and funnier😂😂😂 just me?
Irene_1929 Irene_1929 Apr 18
noooo i dunno spanish
                              oh hey my mom took 3 years of spanish XD
Your_Llama Your_Llama May 18
Welp. Sinakop kami ng mga español. Does that count.
                              (We were once ruled by the spanish)
minchuls- minchuls- Apr 23, 2016
I don't know. I am confused. WHO IS MY BIAS?! 😭 I came all the way from both the them there was you books then the 2 him books and now here. I honestly don't know.