The Dominant One

The Dominant One

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Shanirah By Shanirah Updated 6 days ago

"Well.. you have control over this. You have control over this moment that we are in. Of the feelings taking over bodys. You have control over everything, the pace, all of it. So take that control and enjoy it take my body as your own and for a few glorious moments please.. please let us forget this please.. lets just.. forget " I whisper pressing my lips to his a traitorous tear rolling down my cheek and he uses his thumb to brush it away.

I cant figure out when life gave me the ability to let myself be so weak in front of someone. To let my guard down for a moment as the tears rolled down my cheeks. I had realized I had been strong for too long. In all my effort to dominate my life and take control of it all. Too be in control of all the good and the bad. To come on top and not let the misfortunes of life take me down. I had prided myself on not submitting to the pain and allowing it to make me become a pawn to the harsh reality of life.

Now I needed for once to allow myself freedom

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Shanirah Shanirah Jul 03, 2017
@Fam_ItDontMatter LMFAO sometimes I mean you don't HAVE to say it it's in the eyes 😂😂😂😂
CaBloy CaBloy Feb 20
I love your style of writing, I CANT WAIT TO SEE WHERE THIS STORY GOES
- - Nov 15, 2016
Lol I don't remember your mother specifically saying, 'Take revenge on your father and kill him.' 😂
DeansB1tch DeansB1tch Jul 15, 2014
For when the mom says "when u change dnt be afraid" tht was wht I was referring to lol
AugustWitch AugustWitch Jul 16, 2013
Just wanna ask, who's the dominant one in this story? the cover shows that it's the girl. I do hope so, it would be more interesting if it is
Shanirah Shanirah Jun 16, 2013
O sure would love to but today I dont know if I can do I I'm healing get ready for a party for my brother I will try and do it @Bamagranna