The Ruthless Mafia {manxman}

The Ruthless Mafia {manxman}

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(Book 1 in the Mafia series.)

For years, I have been looking.

Looking for the person who killed my mother 3 years ago.

I found out it was the one person all of New York hoped to never ever meet, the mafia leader that makes himself well known. Everyone fears him and runs at the sight of him. He is known for what he does to you if you ever cross him. Everyone in the United States pray not to be taken captive by him. Every body in the world fears, Ramone Vega.

Everyone except me.

Even his name disgusts me.

I may not be a match for him and his mafia, but I WILL bring him down. I will succeed in making him pay or I will die trying.

But there's one rule that everyone in the world follows, even to death.

Don't cross Ramone Vega, no matter what. 

*Contains Sex, BoyxMan, Swearing.*

ooooohhhhh sexy Morgan!!!!!!  Derek Morgan. His name is perfect and his face is perfect. I'd put him in my story too!
urjaebum urjaebum Oct 26
I doesn't even matter who the other person is now because I'm going to imagine him as Tyler Hoechlin cause how trash I am
Criminal Minds reference so hard! I just pursed my lips really hard, and glanced sideways at my phone like, "I see what you did there!"
KingDansk KingDansk Aug 23
I stalk him... What I'm not the only who stalks him. I mean ask all his followers on IG they stalk him too
Omg micah = Dylan O'brien = stiles 
                              And there's Derek too. For I second I thought that I was reading sterek fanfic
Yeaaaaa, *clapping happily* I love him. He's my baby 😄😘