A Little Love ➳Larry mpreg

A Little Love ➳Larry mpreg

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Pastel Baby By Larry_Lashton Completed

Harry and Louis are best friends, and when Harry's boyfriend breaks up with him, he's instantly depressed. Louis hated seeing him this way, so one thing leads to another and they wind up sleeping together, which causes a lot of problems.

Or, where Harry gets heartbroken, so Louis tries showing him love, but a bump is in the road. Literally.

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I love how this person had to put this here like lmao without it people would be like, "Ew it's gonna come out of Harry's ass and now I'll never be able to listen to 1D music the same ever again." And it hurts to laugh this hard thinking about it.
Oh God, I can already tell this is top!Louis. I can't be here so bye fam  👋