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Camila Santos always wanted to have freedom, and to do whatever eighteen year olds did. Her parents were strict, and kept her focused on her studies and her school cheer team.

She then meets Justin, a mysterious, handsome young man who moves in just down the street. She's infatuated with him, and proceeds to try and know more about him.

Will their relationship come out strong? Or will their be obstacles trying to destroy them along the way?

whoscamila whoscamila Jun 27
Young lady ! That's no way to think of your mother... < LMFAO JOKES I'D BE hella mads
Okay... Am I the only one reminded of Danger(fanfic by Jileyoverboard) while reading this??
kodvkblxck kodvkblxck Feb 15, 2016
                              WATCHA GOT ON YA
                              LOOKIN SO GOOD I-I JUST WANT TO TELEPHONE YA
sweetlollipopcandy sweetlollipopcandy Jun 17, 2016
Technically Justin isn't short .. He's average .. Kevin hart is short
kodvkblxck kodvkblxck Feb 15, 2016
fr I never find internet friends who like football like I do
daddywilkinslut daddywilkinslut Feb 16, 2016
a foot in justins world is like 3 inches lol get it cause he is short but its ok cause so am i