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Phobias [OHSHC]

Phobias [OHSHC]

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sam By saminss Completed

There wasn't much left in the world for Mavisaki Rin. Her childhood was stolen, her mother was killed, and her father is somewhere in prison plotting Mavis's death date.
  Constantly living in fear after that day she saw certain things, she rid herself of society. She changed drastically, she wasn't the brave, spontaneous, jolly child she was before.
  She knew there was no love left in the world for her to take.
  Until she met the Host Club.
  [Warning: Excessive foul language, possibly explicit descriptions please be advised. {only owns plot and my own characters.} ®Saminss, 2015]

everyone's talking about anime and meanwhile i was thinking of the mavis from hotel transylvania
kagayeyama kagayeyama Aug 28, 2016
I probably have that, I'm always afriad of people except my family and my close friends I met a few years ago
LoneShadowCreature LoneShadowCreature Jul 28, 2016
I might have this now that I'm thinking about it.......NOPE, JUST HATE ALMOST ALL HUMAN BEINGS!!!
Hollow13Myth Hollow13Myth Dec 01, 2016
I have that. It actually took me nine months to be able to properly have conversations and become friends with my current small group.
Glitterful_Emo Glitterful_Emo Dec 21, 2016
I just imagined a serial killer.... dressed as a furry and laughing manically whilst stabbing a corpse...... just bc you misspelt 'fury' XD
ItsADamPJOReference ItsADamPJOReference Aug 08, 2016
Huh, I might have that.......NOPE!! Just too involved in books and has the life of a fangirl itis. It's a serious condition.