Spring Shore Academy

Spring Shore Academy

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16 year old Chase Collins is the new girl in town and she starts a new school Spring Shore Academy her first day there she has trouble finding her locker and getting to class on time.

after her first week there she was known as the lame weird girl at the back of the class until Allie Marie comes along and tries being friend with her. Dianna and Taylor is the most prettiest girl there and they hate Chase guts because the tried out for the cheer leading and became co-captain. Taylor and Dianna makes post about her on facepage all day. 

then there's a new guy name Logan James. he so sexy but is a player and nows Dianna boyfriend. everything she tells him to do then he does it like throw paper at Chase and trash her car and her house. did i forget that Logan is Allie step brother. she tells him to stop hanging out but he doesn't until something happened to Chase.

keep reading to find out what happens to her

  • bully
  • family
  • friendship
  • heartbreak
  • love