Trust Me (Frerard)

Trust Me (Frerard)

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The Way Brothers By Moikoi_Gerd Updated Aug 13, 2015

(Crimelord!Frank and Little!Gerard) 

Gerard was shaking. He couldn't see anything. He was blindfolded and kneeling naked with his wrists cuffed behind his back. He had some kind of bandana tied around his mouth so he couldn't talk. He could hear faint talking and knew it was starting. He had hoped they would walk past him like all the rest.

"I like that one. What's his name?"

"Gerard. He's very timid and quiet, very obedient."

"Let me see him."

Gerard felt the blindfold loosen and he looked up slowly, his eyes meeting with the tattooed man infront of him.

"I'll take him."

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Don’t worry bby im sure BreadBin is on his way to save you.
I do that every time I tell my siblings I'm 'going to the bathroom' when really I do my makeup instead 😅😅
i just imagined that in my Meme Voice: yes very much illegal
as im reading this an offkey violin keeps on playing b.f.f. in my head help
_Gnoted_ _Gnoted_ May 06
" Ryan" and the fact there was a "kneeling"  in the same sentence will automatically go to the milk fic .
I'm going to believe that there are many people with the last name Hurley bye