To Change a King

To Change a King

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"He's dead!" Came the sound of my mother screeching. "King Robert is dead!" 

  I rushed down the stairs. If the King was dead, that meant Joffrey would precede him. Joffrey was in no way ready to be king. He was immature, impulsive, demanding, and most of all an entitled brat. I felt sorry for poor Sansa Stark, as she would have to marry him. Not that I wouldn't like to be queen, but who knows how long Joffrey's queen would live. One false move and "the weak heart of a woman" as Joffrey so eloquently said, would beat no more. 

   "Isabel," my mother's voice shook. "Ned Stark is dead. He was labeled as a traitor. Joffrey ordered his head to be cut off. Arya has fled the castle and Sansa is no longer allowed to marry Joffrey. That means House Tyrell is next in line..." 

   "Mother," I said slowly. "What are you implying?" 

   She sighed. "Every one in the Seven Kingdoms knows of your sister's...preference.. and she's far too old to marry Joffrey. Isabel you are a tough girl. I've see...

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Which house is she from? I have no idea and am very, very lost...
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Idk why but the gif or the video saying oh hell noooooooo is in my head rn😂😂😂
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When my lil bro comes inside my room im like " yo bit'ch tf you doing get our of my room, trash can" like im mean but with love ( please tell me im not the only one)