Fairy Tail Crack

Fairy Tail Crack

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a Fairy Tail dialogue crackfic

-this crackfic is sponsored by Gray's missing clothes

-honestly i wrote this in 8th grade and i think this book is garbage but i don't have the heart to delete it so enjoy i guess,,

-disclaimer: I don't own Fairy Tail or any other characters (obviously)

-(first Fairy Tail Crack book on wattpad lol)

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One order of a Big Fat No for uhhh *Fixes Glasses* Laxu Dreyar
LuceTheKiller LuceTheKiller Dec 04, 2017
Me: .......*calls 911*
                              911: What's your emergency
                              Me: Lasagna is eating herself
                              911: Wat?
                              Me: *runs to the police station and shows them meh phone*
                              911: *le gasp* OH MEH GAWD!!!!!
-EnterUsername- -EnterUsername- Sep 13, 2017
She has forgotten Cappy, Zervis, Gale, Stingue *cough* Milligura, Yukinerva, Orfus, Doranhar, Chendy
Irondragon4 Irondragon4 Sep 29, 2017
Why you no have Gale, Zervis, Cappy, Stingyu, Ronerva, Froter or Rurga. I felt especially hurt when my OTP Gale wasn't there
Nora_Vermillion Nora_Vermillion Mar 16, 2017
*Gets pen and eraser* *erases Nali, Lolu and Fraxas* *writes Zervis, Gale and Cappy* Done!
That's the face I make when I do something hilarious that's gonna embarrass someone