Fairy Tail Crack

Fairy Tail Crack

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-First Fairy Tail Crack book to be published and the original Fairy Tail Crack book (at least on Wattpad)-

highest rank: #15 in fanfiction

Random dialogue headcanons and cracks with the Fairy Tail cast. 
This great package includes:
-natsus gr8 speling skilz
-Erza's strawberry cake struggles
-Lucy's apartment constantly being broken into
-Mira's ships
-song parodies
-shirtless Gray
-crappy puns
-and most importantly... Unwanted authors notes! (I'm kidding)
-and more!

//This has been a PSA sponsored by Gray's missing clothes//

~Under minor editing (like grammar and stuff)~

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Fairy Tail, or any of its characters, Hiro Mashima does. I also don't own any guest anime characters, they belong to their rightful owners. I only own the ideas of the cracks and headcanons in this book unless stated otherwise (meaning I got the idea from somewhere else).

Tumblr_Shit Tumblr_Shit Jul 04
No nali or gratsu, No..just no 
                              No one gets Natsu except lucy
No its that weird sticky thing just watch in the 10 facts about mirajane!
Wrong so wrong clearly you dont know erza well its STRAWBERRY
                               CAKE!!!!!! thank you very much!
uni-porn uni-porn Aug 01
                              NOPE NOPE NOPETY NOPE
                              although I do read some fanatics when no one is watching
Kinda_Crazy Kinda_Crazy Jun 12
Me: *sees NaLi*
                              Me: No. No. Bad girl. NaLi is bad. NaLi will never be mentioned again understood? Get lost NaLi.