Trigger Happy

Trigger Happy

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Lex By LexTheAuthor Updated Jan 25

Kaelin Thomas wanted to start over. She wanted to be free from her parents who were always telling her what to do and trying to dictate her life, but  most importantly she wanted to live and have her freedom, to bad she had to learn the hard way.

Casino Brown is a man known to make people disappear. His word was law in the streets, people feared him and they knew not to fuck him over or they'd have to pay with their life. Like most men Casino admired beauty but instead of seeking woman for himself he uses them for wealth, to be able to control them.

Kaelin was just a working girl trying to prove she could survive on her own until she's forced into the world of prostitution, auctions and abuse.

You mean to tell me your ass could have escaped long time ago smh
* looks around *  I'm blind and only speak nederlands 😂😂
If tha bitch was in her position she woulda been begging to stay alive like show sum pittuy
The lucky I like being alive or I would've gave em sum these hands 👊
The best be talking bout the one you go in to gamble yeh money away
It's a good song but irritating asf and it make me cry...I hate songs that make me cry😒