The One-Hundred {2015 Watty Award Winner}

The One-Hundred {2015 Watty Award Winner}

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K. Weikel By renesmeewolfe Completed

Every baby is killed beneath the waves--with one exception. 
     The one-hundred thousandth lives. 

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  If you're wanting a happy fairytale, keep scrolling. This isn't the story for you. But if you're looking for a mythical story filled with dystopia and magic, both dark and light, keep reading. 

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   A long time ago, 1 in every 100,000 children born from a human was a mermaid. But now mermaids are the only ones that can survive in this flooded world. 
   The human children, the one-hundreds, are placed on the "islands" poking up over the sea. The humans that live through Mother Nature's fury have created Tribes, created rules. One of these rules is to not go near the water, to not touch it. 
   And then there's a girl who lives to be sixteen, who goes and touches the water. Who begins to show symptoms of something half-human. Symptoms of a mermaid.
   These symptoms have drawn something out from the depths of the woods, from the darkness of the sea... And it's out to get this girl that's growing scales. The One-Hundred in the midst of one-hundreds. Cressa-la.
   Gifted and spared. Will she be so lucky again?

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-Chynx- -Chynx- 7 days ago
Like, the biblical Flood, or just the made-up Flood from this?
Yes I did start to create a story based off this sentence don't judge me
Scarlet520 Scarlet520 Jul 24
I read the first line and it was then I knew I found a great book written by a talented  teller of tales.
Anyone else notice the guy floating with his back turned to her and only has half of his body?
Hello hello, dear friend. I am the one who shall befriend you. YAS. K. We friends now. :D
The trailer is amazing and I love how the picture of the cover sparkles I can't wait to finish this book I bet it's really good
                              Good job on all your hard work making the trailer and finishing this book and good job on making the wattys 2015