The One-Hundred {2015 Watty Award Winner} - REWRITING!

The One-Hundred {2015 Watty Award Winner} - REWRITING!

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Every baby is killed beneath the waves--with one exception. 
     The one-hundred thousandth lives. 

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  If you're wanting a happy fairytale, keep scrolling. This isn't the story for you. But if you're looking for a mythical story filled with dystopia and magic, both dark and light, keep reading. 

~ Watty Award Winner 2015: Best Use of Visuals ~

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   A long time ago, 1 in every 100,000 children born from a human was a mermaid. But now mermaids are the only ones that can survive in this flooded world. 
   The human children, the one-hundreds, are placed on the "islands" poking up over the sea. The humans that live through Mother Nature's fury have created Tribes, created rules. One of these rules is to not go near the water, to not touch it. 
   And then there's a girl who lives to be sixteen, who goes and touches the water. Who begins to show symptoms of something half-human. Symptoms of a mermaid.
   These symptoms have drawn something out from the depths of the woods, from the darkness of the sea... And it's out to get this girl that's growing scales. The One-Hundred in the midst of one-hundreds. Cressa-la.
   Gifted and spared. Will she be so lucky again?

~ Trailer inside ~

I am rewriting this book. The new chapters are after the old, in the back of the book. Once finished, I will move them to the front. Happy reading! 

1. The One-Hundred 
2. Untouched Water (What-If version of The One-Hundred)
3. Tamir (Prequel)
4. Damian's Deeds
5. The One - In progress
6. TBN

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Umm... sorry, but what's the point of buying the book if you can read it on Wattpad?
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Why cant mermaids and humans swim together, sure humans cant go down very deep, unless they specifically train to, but they can still swim in the ocian
Duh! They turned into pegasi and flew awaaaaay into the clouds 😁
lol, I read "Please don't use your book to promote mine"
                              I was like: Why? You no want people to advertise you?
                              Until I read that again and realized I read it incorrectly
Words cannot describe how beautiful that cover is 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
No Mother Gothel, please tell me the story! I promise I will stay awake to hear all of it! Please!