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Newborn (Destiel)

Newborn (Destiel)

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Emy the Fangirl By butcherbabe Completed

Dean and Cas are given a newborn baby "by God." But raising a kid isn't as easy as it seems...especially when you're a hunter and an angel of the Lord, living with an archangel trickster and moosey hunter!
((a Destiel fanfiction))

KaeWinchesterNovak KaeWinchesterNovak Oct 12, 2016
Yes Dean is a guy  (I'm assuming)
                              But is Cas? 
                              Last time I checked Cas was a multi dimentional wavelength of celestial intent.
                              No where in there did it say guy, boy, man, he, male... etc. 
                              So Dean is incorrect and if you are uncomfortable with having Castiel pregnant you two can always adopt.
Nephalem67 Nephalem67 Dec 04, 2016
Dean Winchester you adorable ignorant idjit. Castiel is a CELESTIAL BEING meaning he is GENDERLESS. So he's neither a girl or a boy
ASDFGHJKx__x ASDFGHJKx__x Nov 23, 2016
PLEASE don't tell me I'm the only one here that read that in Cass's voice??
realawsomeliz realawsomeliz Dec 27, 2016
He's a angel dean a god forsaken angel he can impregnate you or himself if he wants
witchboyway witchboyway Feb 13
this reminds me of the 'Cas Bakes Dean A Pie' fic and now im laughing
MeagsTurnip MeagsTurnip Dec 28, 2016
Boy I wish there was a way you could get a child without having to give birth. OH WAIT!! Dean ya Dingus adopt one