Hospitality (SebastianxReader)

Hospitality (SebastianxReader)

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Ciel Phantomhive is a teenage boy who sold his soul to a male demon. No one knew what the demon name really was, but Ciel named him "Sebastian Michaelis". For he is whatever his master calls him.

Ciel serves her majesty,Queen Victoria, and clears all her worries. There for, he is her loyal watchdog. 

The queen had send Ciel a letter about a mysterious guest coming over to visit his manor. The guest was a noble man's daughter, the Phantomhive house hold was suppose to impress her. For this, Ciel knew the queen was testing him.

Sebastian Michaelis, soon grew interested in this mysterious guest. And as the butler he is, he will show her every hospitality there is in the Phantomhive manor. For he is, One hell of a butler.

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anyone immediatly think of Clint Eastwood from Gorrilaz? (* ̄︶ ̄*)
Hai_Kawaii Hai_Kawaii Feb 17, 2016
I have short hair so I can't do that xD for this imma pretend I have long hair :P
_svlly_ _svlly_ May 29, 2016
Does anyone know the name of the song? I can't really see the name on the the picture
Valorys_vessel Valorys_vessel Jun 29, 2016
Bill: I know lots of things!!
                              Me: THIS IS NOT YOUR STORY BILL!!! GET OUT!!
                              Bill: Well maybe I don't want to!!
                              Me: I AINT PLAYIN YO GAMES
INanaWins INanaWins Jan 13
Pft, my dad said to my one time
                              "You are not allowed to date until you are 80 years old. And if somebody asks you out, you tell me his name, address and phone number so I can murder him slowly."
INanaWins INanaWins Jan 13
                              Anybody else thinking Invader Zim?
                              Or is that just me? xD