at the butt-crack  of dawn

at the butt-crack of dawn

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andy-parker By lyingheartsclub Updated Feb 22, 2015

BASICALLY Elizabeth Chang("I hate my name, shut up, call me 'Zabeth, you blithering idiot"), who makes a lot of bad puns that she perceives as "cool"(only to her, but not to the rest of her social circle)((no wonder her social circle is quite small indeed)), ends up:

1. Volunteering at a soup kitchen for nine weeks, the result of a certain hateful speech on soup("but the soup kitchen basically serves freaking BREADROLLS, not soup!"),

2. Making FRIENDS with a fellow soup-kitchener("like, is that the term for us noble beings?"

3. Making OUT with a hot-unfortunately-homeless-guy who has THE green eyes ("oh god, I could just faint in them), and

4. Waking up at the very crack of dawn in order to get to said soup kitchen on time ("no, not because of Finn, no, NO WAY; although he looks fiiinnnneeee--I mean FIIINN!")

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