The Street Fighter

The Street Fighter

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Tiffany Leigh By ItsMeBeanie Updated 2 hours ago

London Morley is not the kind of girl you would want to mess
with. London fights to pay the bills, to bye the food and to pay for her sister
Emma's pre-school fees e.c.t

You all are probably thinking where is their parents? Well
let me answer that, their dad James died when they were little, of cancer and their
mum Sophia started to drink after their father died and dosen't do anything but drink
and bring random strangers home from the bar to do the dirty deed with them on
the sofa.

Reece Smith is the bad boy player and a street
fighter as well as London but Reece dosen't know that the girl that he has been
interested in for a few weeks now is a street fighter as well. Well not until
he has to go up against her and he refuses to fight a girl and especially the
girl he loves.

The song was very violent and shouldn't be singing it to a little girl
Dude, she's a little kid why sing her the stinking HANGING TREE?!?!?
Artexa Artexa Apr 09
I'm gonna say this now. When you write and you use i you capitalize it's I not i. And if you don't know this either when you write i'm you also capitalize the I so it's I'm. Hope you fix it now. And once you do more people would read this.
Lonelyaisle Lonelyaisle Jul 17
Her smile melted Olaf ( idk what I'm writing I'm really bored)
ImOnlyTheQueen ImOnlyTheQueen 2 days ago
                              I love this girl.🤓
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