My Slutty Step Sister's Boyfriend (;

My Slutty Step Sister's Boyfriend (;

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Luna(: By HotTopicLoverr Updated Oct 03, 2010

My Slutty Step Sister's Boyfriend (;

"Libs get down here," I heard my dad yell. 

"Coming," I yell back as I throw the covers off my bed and pad down the stairs. Entering the kitchen I'm greeted by the sight of my dad, my step mother and slutty sister all rushing about setting the table, making food, getting the drinks, etc. 

As soon as my step sister 'Ashley' sees me she screeches out loudly, so loud and horrible sounding, it sounds like a cat just drowned. 

"Mom look at what she's wearing," she whines to Jillian, my step mother. I turn to her and she rolls her eyes and throws me a reassuring smile before turning back to handle the Ashley 'problem.'

"What's wrong with what I'm wearing dad," I ask him. He's standing over the kitchen island mixing some salad together. Before my dad can even reply Ashley steps up and yells "the fact that you look like a hobo. My boyfriend's coming go change," she tells me shooting me a death glare. I scoff and say "as if." 

I'm not gonna dress up ju...

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_Tantrum_ _Tantrum_ Jan 25
That’s me literally I’m sick n I’m sitting in sweats n a hoodie cuz I feel like shitt
imademynamelonglol imademynamelonglol Sep 04, 2015
she's taller than me... ;_;. but my hair IS NOT that dark.. I guess I got that from someone WAYYY up in the family tree. my dad has dark brown hair and my mom's side has black and dark brown hair.. but those are the Liberty and I's differences
The_Mika_Girl The_Mika_Girl Aug 21, 2014
There is nothing wrong with blonde hair and blue eyes. I have both. :/
keelyshaex keelyshaex Feb 26, 2014
@thatsluxxury. is it good or amazing or sad or bad x can I please have a.answer plz
thatsluxxury thatsluxxury Dec 05, 2013
I just read this yesterday! I sat down and got into it and just read for about an hour and a half!! I finished it but I really want a sequel cause the ending left me wanting more and I felt like it couldn't be over you know? I absolutely loved every second of it though (:
pandamania2002 pandamania2002 Aug 04, 2013
wait a minut. at the beginning its breakfast now its night time.