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yodudeyoursocool By yodudeyoursocool Updated Jun 05, 2012


Intro/Chapter 1

In this story is a about a group of people who have to live together because each are too stubborn to move out and find someone else to stay. There is tension in the house because of a situation that has happened but you HAVE to read to find out. Main characters are Vanessa, Renae, Tyrese and Christopher. Vanessa age 22 ½, Renae aged 22, Tyrese aged 23 and Christopher aged 23 ½. Vanessa: shoulder length hair (dye black and light brown), brown eyes, chocolate colour skinned,  button nose, ears and eyebrow and lips and dimple piercings,5 ft 6. Tyrese: kinda built, dark skin (not to dark), shape up, eye brow piercing and ear, normal nose, Brown eyes, chiselled jaw, Tattoo on arm 5 ft 11. Renae: normal nose, neck length hair (boob), black eyes, caramel coloured skin tone, nose piercing, 5 ft 4. Christopher: well built, tattoo on neck, ears and lip piercing, shape up (design), strong jaw lines, heart shaped lips, hazel eyes, chocolate coloured skin,6 ft.


Bvrbie Bvrbie Oct 20, 2010
I know that dude in the picture, that's spaceboy.
                              LOL, I have him on facebook.
Bvrbie Bvrbie Sep 07, 2010
Im Sorry Im Abit Late On Reading This,
                              But Its A Really Good Start & Im Looking Forward To The Rest.
NyNy16 NyNy16 Aug 06, 2010
I love the way she handled her man an her so called friend box the yes!
yodudeyoursocool yodudeyoursocool Aug 06, 2010
@ladyjarieu  Yep but she is trying to prove to them that she is brave and wont be chase out of a house that she shares with them
ladyjarieu ladyjarieu Aug 06, 2010
stories quite good
                              pls continue, Vanessa is brave i wont be able to stay under the same roof as them...x
yodudeyoursocool yodudeyoursocool Aug 05, 2010
@iDontReadBullShiit  Loool yeah it does but she is not ALL the religion just someone who goes church every sunday and pray's in the morning and night kinda religion