Mortals meet Demigods [NO MIST]

Mortals meet Demigods [NO MIST]

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Mortals, meet demigods,  Satyrs, Nymphs (cause they're back from Netherland), and Rachels (A wild Oracle has appeared!)
Hectate is sick, and the mist has been removed. So demigods must survive with mortals.

So yeah. 

Disclaimer- I do not own the characters or the series. I'm not a male. I'm not that old. My name is not Rick Riordan. Not as many people want to throw me into Tartarus to see how I like it. 
So no, I do not own PJO or HoO

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Bluecoke16 Bluecoke16 Apr 09
I refuse oml she just being blasted, vaporized or something for being so annoying. Yes that's it
*watches everybody raise their hands and instead just punches the guy in the face*
Aquicha Aquicha Jun 11
Hades no, I would prefer to burn in Tartarus and bathe in the river Styxs.
LionessQOP LionessQOP Jul 14
HOO fangirls shall answer the call 
                              To ensure frazel shall never fall 
                              An oath we'll keep with our final breath 
                              And send non frazel shippers to the doors of death
Tiger2627 Tiger2627 Jul 12
                              👊🏻+you+ 🖕🏻= You getting punched in the face and then me putting up my middle fingers.