Mortals meet Demigods [NO MIST]

Mortals meet Demigods [NO MIST]

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Mortals, meet demigods,  Satyrs, Nymphs (cause they're back from Netherland), and Rachels (A wild Oracle has appeared!)
Hectate is sick, and the mist has been removed. So demigods must survive with mortals.

So yeah. 

Disclaimer- I do not own the characters or the series. I'm not a male. I'm not that old. My name is not Rick Riordan. Not as many people want to throw me into Tartarus to see how I like it. 
So no, I do not own PJO or HoO

Ayjana55 Ayjana55 Dec 04, 2016
                              *resurrected by Hades* AWWWWWWWWW!!! 
                              *dies again *
rosebudreads rosebudreads Nov 29, 2016
Juniper you did something great you make Grover happy and that's a BIG deal
a9r1ls1x a9r1ls1x Aug 31, 2016
Ooooooohhh this is gonna be good! * pulls out a purse* (the candy equivalent of Leo's tool belt! But like a CANDY BELT!😱💙!)
Nkawesome1 Nkawesome1 6 days ago
DO IT WITH HER ??????????!!!!!!!!????????!!!!!!!! This generation .... (Grabs canteen of nectar and holy water ) I need to at least feel innocent (which I'm not