Caution, Purpose and Faith '-'-'-' A Derek Hale Story'-'-'-'

Caution, Purpose and Faith '-'-'-' A Derek Hale Story'-'-'-'

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Chamari Pitigala By silverspacechameleon Completed

Derek Hale wanted power, ever since he avenged his sister’s death that’s all he could think about. It was his ultimate plan as the new Alpha of Beacon Hills. So when he found the young girl who was attacked and bitten he took her in as a new addition to his already pack of three. But things did not go the way he planned. 

Comedy, Romance, Friendship. 

Disclaimer: The show and characters belong to the makers of Teen Wolf, I only own my OC Megra and anymore I add =D. 

Note: This story is meant to be a short story and no attachment to the plot of Season 1 and 2.

JustASimpleRobin JustASimpleRobin Aug 30, 2016
Sometimes I think Derek's eyes are grey, then I think they're hazel... I don't even know
Malisa_Ambrolleigns Malisa_Ambrolleigns Jan 17, 2016
I would probably try and run.... But with a guy like Derek? I wouldn't get 5in away lol
exoslayssss exoslayssss Jul 18, 2015
Girl same. Now I can't help but picture her as a demon with a blonde pixie haircut!
Nobody_watches Nobody_watches Jan 30, 2015
Why does nobody understand that in season 1 when Peter said "well twice a month since she's a girl" he was joking about her period hormones. Saying she would lose control twice once on the full moon and once as a normal woman does when she comes on her period! No hate just saying
lover-of-fantasy lover-of-fantasy Dec 29, 2014
Ahh puns. You found my Achilles heel. That made me laugh loud enough to wake my brother up at 2am XD
lover-of-fantasy lover-of-fantasy Dec 29, 2014
I love your work. I keep finding words that are new to me, like sardonic. I've never heard of that. Sounds so cool. I give you props for being so well versed :)