Killer Beauty

Killer Beauty

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† Kale † By KaleTheQueen Updated Feb 16, 2015

❝They think I killed those girls. ❞ He says, staring up at the stars with his grey eyes.

❝ Did you? ❞I ask.

❝Maybe.❞ He smiles.


Beauty queen, Sparrow LaLourie is unsure what to think about the 'maybe-killer' of five innocent teenage girls. Jack Coult is charming and handsome - a regular Ted Bundy - but capable of murder?

The bodies keep appearing. One in the river, one on a church pew, another on a swing set. Sparrow can't figure out if the boy that laughed at the fact that their names combined made 'Jack Sparrow' is a serial killer or just someone she could fall for.

Wait it could be his wife because usually in these mysteries it's usually the most unexpected person. So I'm going with his wife.
Abby2402 Abby2402 Nov 06
So.. he could just be a loner and an observant. Have you taken the time to get to know him then don't judge.
luciferbabe luciferbabe Mar 25
This is such a great chapter! Shame you've not updated in a while.
I see her as Alexandra Breckenridge with the AHS hair cut but black hair.
James is the killer I just know it. He sounds really suspicious that it's actually scaring me. This author is a great writer.
- - Dec 01, 2015
I feel like someone could seriously interpret that in the wrong way