We All Have Stories We Won't Ever Tell (Max Thunderman ~Jack Griffo~ Fanfiction)

We All Have Stories We Won't Ever Tell (Max Thunderman ~Jack Griffo~ Fanfiction)

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Have you ever had that one very important secret that you weren't never supposed to tell that it was just so impossible to keep.

This story is about a normal girl name Emma who lives in a nice suburban home with a brother a sister and two loving parents. What can get any better than being a normal everyday kid...wrong! Something special within her family that is so secret that she can't possibly tell...Emma and her family have superpowers! 

They move to Hiddenville so no one will find out who they really are. Emma is living the normal everyday teenage girl life without superpowers in a normal non-superhero world but what will happen when her and her family meet their neighbors the Thundermans? Will Emma fall for the bad/good boy named Max Thunderman or will she refuse his charming good looks and his bad boy personality? Will Emma change Max? Will Max change Emma? Will they both know each other's secrets? Keep reading to find out!

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Toms_Broken_nose Toms_Broken_nose Mar 12, 2017
Why are some of these comments kinda rude??? Like the one comment was just telling her that on the show Sam and Cat it's spelt Cat not Kat. Like woah calm your butt.
Muggles (Harry Potter) Normies (Monster High) Non-Sups (The Thundermans
Because they are coming over and they don’t want the thundermans to find out she has superpowers so she can just not the last 5 minutes before someone comes over
- - Oct 04, 2016
Dylan_BrodieSangster Dylan_BrodieSangster Dec 26, 2016
Having telekinesis and flying is useless. U can get urself up with telekinesis.
RoseAndKitty RoseAndKitty Aug 28, 2015
That reminds me my mom said to clean my room because we having dinner inside our room