Once Upon a December

Once Upon a December

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An evil mystic man... The end of a royal family... A grieving aunt and a mourning sister... A tiny princess lost... So begins the story of a missing Arendelle princess. Ten years later, questions still linger. Could the lost princess be alive? Why hasn't she come forward to claim her crown? Will the mystery ever be solved?

Perhaps the answer lies with the mysterious key that hangs around the neck of an orphan girl named Elsa. She, her puppy, Olaf, and two new friends they meet along the way, make the long journey to Corona to find out, risking their lives to get there.

Elsa wants to discover the secret of her past and regain her identity. But will her dreams -- and her life -- be destroyed by the very man who brought the Arendelle family to its knees a decade ago?

Credits to Sunfyre for the cover.

I love the title once I saw it I was like ANASTASIA!! I MUST READ THIS BOOK!! I love that movie so much!!!!!!
Oh wow this is a very good AU of Anastasia, I read a bunch but this one is the best!
It's so sad in ill cause the ppl killed her family and they never found the girl
This is just like Anastasia!!! My favorite movie of all time!
JelsaJelsaJelsa JelsaJelsaJelsa 3 days ago
As soon as I read the title of this story with just bits and pieces of the description I automatically knew it was Anastasia, like seriously I haven't seen that in forever yet I that was still the very first things that popped into my head