Angel's Vengeance- Book One: Pirates and Souls [Removing May 1st, 2018]

Angel's Vengeance- Book One: Pirates and Souls [Removing May 1st, 2018]

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Sorah By _palenomian Completed

Anne had one choice, and her charade began to unfold.  Living as a boy on the streets of Welkly, her opportunity to escape came with the Angel's Avenge.  Captained by Jameson Roberts, the ship had become the most famous vessel in all of the six shores.      

Three years later, Anne has built her status as first mate, all the while keeping her true identity a secret.  However, a strange stop, an amulet, and a storm bring her seemingly calm existence to a halt.     

Against her will, she boards the Angel's Vengeance, the twin to the Avenge.  But they have nothing in common, for the Angel's Vengeance belongs to pirates.  Now, Anne is amongst the worst of them all, and she may not be able to escape alive.

*WARNING:  This is the old version! It's mostly unedited!

Cover by @Noushka
Trailer created by @AlyxMck
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Anne_011 Anne_011 Jan 28
Thank you for calling Maisie Williams my name Anne🍀😂❤️
DarkestSmiles DarkestSmiles Sep 15, 2014
Great. I'm glad your turning it into thrid person, i think that make the story heaps easier to read (not that its hard to read, i just like reading third person more) The trailer was amazing. Looking forward to reading more.
Xx_CHO_xX Xx_CHO_xX Aug 07, 2014
Such bad-assary. Much wow she's projecting. I love it. Can't wait to see her when she's in action.
- - Jul 02, 2014
Boom....I do like this....I hope that the rest of the story has the same attitude that you put here. Yeah yeah yea...tone determines..xD
fabulous_smileyface fabulous_smileyface Jan 17, 2014
i love pirates, i've always wanted to be one since i was a child&&still secretly do ssshh
Laurss Laurss Jul 18, 2013
Well I'm hooked! I can't wait to join in with this whirlwind of an adventure and I haven't even read the first chapter yet! O_O