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Creepy pasta lemons

Creepy pasta lemons

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Little Demon By creepygirl0123 Updated May 24, 2015

   Hello ppl just letting you know that if you want your OC in this you'll have to comment their description and who you want to be with so yeah. And I'm not going to tell the pastas' stories look them up your selves don't be lazy. So I'll start on the lemons as soon as I can. Oh and check out roseyspike44 she's the best. So check her out. OK goodbye ppl.

(above is Alex the killer my OC and a funny video)

My oc is Schuyluer Johnson, she has black hair and blue eyes. She wears a black shirt with black skinny jeans.
                              She gets scared easily and passes out if things get bad.
Jinx-Everleen Jinx-Everleen Jun 29, 2016
2 things: 1) I read that so fast my mouth was open most of the time 
                              2) first ur running and screaming from him then ur laying next to him naked and saying I love u...only in lemon stories :)
quin_diamond quin_diamond May 31, 2016
wtfffffffffffffffff how in the world does she love him, and it would never happen like this XD also, why did a 13 year old just make love to a adult o-o and the adult loves him.... pedophileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Punnypug Punnypug Dec 21, 2016
My OC is a girl called Ky her CP name is killer canine she has pug ears and a pug tail, she has brown hair and emerald eyes could you do a killer canine x hoodie chapter please
BellaDrowned913 BellaDrowned913 Jun 10, 2016
My oc is bloody krystal just call me krystal
                              Species:Demon(white wings with red tips,long blue hair, blue eyes.)
Yurioisanoreo Yurioisanoreo Aug 18, 2015
walking in the woods WHERE IT IS SAID HE LIVES calms you how?