That's My Girl (Levi's Daughter Story)

That's My Girl (Levi's Daughter Story)

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was @paintedsmile_ By justanotherackerman Updated Dec 24, 2016

Levi's P.O.V:

I sat in my study, filling in paperwork that Hanji dumped on me last minute. "Damn you, shitty glasses..." I murmured as I mindlessly signed my name on her experimental documents. 

A knock on the door made me look up from the hundreds of sheets of paperwork.

Raising an eyebrow, I stared expectantly at the door, then rolled my eyes and went back to work. Someone probably knocked it by accident. I thought to myself, irritated at the fact that due to the knock, I had smudged my signature on one of the more important files.

"Captain Levi?" I heard Petra say timidly, making me huff in acknowledgement. The door creaked open, making me look up. "Someone's here to see you..."

Just then, I glanced upwards to see a girl no older than fifteen, standing before me.

I gave Petra a look, and she exchanged glances with me. "W-Who?"

Petra sighed and hid behind the giant wooden door of my office, peeking her head inwards.

"Heichou... This girl... She um... She says that she's your ...

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AyaMalfoy AyaMalfoy Jul 05, 2017
Ohhhh that's the girlfriends name not readers I'm like GLITCH I CANT SAY DA
redkittyforbassy redkittyforbassy Nov 17, 2017
So I started singing dear Theodosia because I'm hamiltrash and here's the lyrics I came up with.
                              "Dear Isabel what to say to you, you have her eyes you have my Isabel's name when you came into the world you cleaned and it broke my heart" 
                              I know I'm trash
gtfoWinter gtfoWinter Nov 28, 2017
Imma change the first name I’m sorry I just can’t I’m sorry I’ve failed you 😔
AyaMalfoy AyaMalfoy Jul 05, 2017
WolfGoddess364 WolfGoddess364 Apr 02, 2016
W-wow. I-I-I am at lost for words im literally crying right now so touched
TomboyLiv TomboyLiv May 22, 2016
I'm was actually thinking about getting a haircut like that in the pic!