Change is something Henry hates, he protects his routine obsessively, with his compulsive behaviour being only eclipsed by his very own blandness. Today will change all that, because the untimely and gruesome death of a stranger is about to make Henry a very interesting man indeed, should he live to tell the tale…
Gave me chills.  That was a good one. I enjoy all ur books.  Thanks for having them on here.
this one played with my mind abit more mysterious then scary really well written
PS: I like Henry, the protagonist. I can relate to him in some ways.
Wow...what a frighteningly beautiful story. The undertaker must be an angel of death.
Okay, so very very creepy. Ugh. But it was good!!! Lol just really creepy haha
This was great. It literally forced me to finish it with every sentence I completed.