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Who Is Harry?: Larry Stylinson

Who Is Harry?: Larry Stylinson

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Keith By MusicIsSanity Completed

Harry doesn't have an inkling of where he fits in, in life. He's in high school, works part time at his mom's bakery, and slouches around at home with his best friend, Niall. He's scared to take risks, always playing it safe. Parties aren't really his niche and he would rather study. Only thing he knows is that he likes to make people happy. You could say he was popular, but he wasn't exactly dealing with the in-crowd. On a fateful day, an extroverted Louis comes strolling into the bakery, catching Harry's interest. Who knew a little chat over cake and other delights would bring a new meaning, and person, into Harry's life. For once, someone's going to make him happy. - SubPairing: Ziall

Louis was a the drama teacher and harrg was a student hmm delicious
In real life he is pan he says himself i am not labelying myself
My mom allows C and up and it's fair, I mean I study I almost always get B and A's
My goodness Zayn. Can I please read a fan fiction we're you aren't a complete dick head
suggdrug suggdrug Nov 01, 2016
Um what?
                              I came here to again reward you bc I love good English and like.,tf? I am scared for my life, I don't think this fandom is okay...
FireBreathingMama FireBreathingMama Jun 06, 2016
inquiring minds, not inquiry minds. poindexter, not point dexter.