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New World of Bats

New World of Bats

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SweetyKinz By SweetyKinz Updated Dec 27, 2016

Danny Fenton is orphaned and alone, placed in an orphanage in Gotham City. A certain Batfamily takes an interest in him, and he's adopted into the most dysfunctional family ever. He gains a new family, new memories, and new laughs, but not everything is all fun and games. Bruce Wayne 'stole' Danny from the clutches of Vlad Masters, and he wants him back, no matter the cost. (Danny Phantom and Batman (Justice League) crossover).

TheScrubNinja TheScrubNinja Nov 23, 2016
Aaawwwww. Poor Fruitloop was lonely. 😋(I laugh every time I here his nickname.😂)
ijustwanttolive ijustwanttolive Nov 23, 2016
This makes so much more sense now. I kept thinking that his book seemed familiar, like I've read it before. lol. I read your book on
Suzsuzlynn58 Suzsuzlynn58 4 days ago
😂 My gods! I seen it to many times beacuse of my 1 1/2 sister! Let burn in hel!
TheScrubNinja TheScrubNinja Nov 23, 2016
Ahhh how I missed Damian's refreshing sarcastic bluntness.😋
Ai-ChanNyan520 Ai-ChanNyan520 Oct 14, 2016
I swear, if I hear another fùcking song from Frozen, I'm smashing the damn tv! (*`へ´*)
daniellewarrior daniellewarrior Nov 07, 2016
Now right it's not my favor, my two sister keep watch it all the time too