Mr. Billionaire Boss

Mr. Billionaire Boss

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Katelynn Bell By katelynnbell_meow Updated Nov 25, 2017

"Hey Rose, someone is here you! I'll be in my room if you need anything!" Lissa said.
I came out of my bedroom, as I see Tyer standing in my living room. 
"What do you want now!? It's my day off!" 
"Well hello to you to."

Rose Sentry is a 22 year old personal assistant for the CEO of Lambert Corporation for about 3 years. She loves her job and has fun doing it. She lives in an apartment, in New York with her best friend, Lissa. And has a cat named Mr.Snugglesworth  

Mr.Lambert is the most powerful man in the city of New York, or better yet his is one of the most powerful man in the world. Mr. Lambert is a kind hearted man, until you cross him. His wife is some stuck up rich person, she is loving and caring.  But then there is his son. Tyler Lambert. Cold hearted, cocky, arrogant, doesn't care about anyone else but himself.

When Rose finds out that Mr. Lambert is giving the Lambert Corporation to Tyler she is not the happiest person at the moment. 

For a mouth Rose has been working for Tyler things are going fine until, someone shows up at work. And Tyler needs Rose's help. 

Will Rose help out him or watch him fall apart?

Hy guys! This will be my second book! I hope you like it... I'm trying something new here so... yeah! Anyways I hope you like it. My first book is Checkmate, I'm Stuck With You *cough* *cough*  cheek it out    *cough* *cough* *cough*

Cover by- Luna Maradox Blackery

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Coolchick166 Coolchick166 Nov 07, 2017
It's a repeat on about 3 to 4 lines. U might want to cheat that
TeaganShahna TeaganShahna Mar 31, 2017
Hey just a word of advice, in my opinion you should just say what the song is and who dongs it instead of writing out the lyrics as well, the lyrics drag away from the action of the story and there might be some copyright involved 💙💙
londeveny londeveny Mar 13, 2016
Maybe you could say "doesn't care about anyone besides himself."
agsmile agsmile Apr 08, 2016
This sounds like it will be an amazing book, haven't started yet but I hope you keep writing and updating!!