The Mafia King (ON HOLD)

The Mafia King (ON HOLD)

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Charlie By deluxebelieves Updated May 23, 2017

Justin Bieber runs a top sinister Mafia gang in Las Vegas where he gambles, fights, trades and most importantly picks up beautiful women to take back to his luxurious million dollar, sky high apartment every night. But billionaire Justin Bieber's life changes when he meets shy girl Rosalinda (Rose) Rodriguez on a girls holiday one night in his Casino.

Theme Songs: 
I'll Be With You by Hedley
Gangsta by Kehlani
3 Strikes by Terror Jr

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s22xoxp s22xoxp Aug 06, 2017
I would rather pay 100 dollars than go and sleep in that room
cruelstin cruelstin Sep 29, 2017
“yeah i’m going to vegas, next flight out, on my jet bitch”
blushbieber blushbieber Jun 04, 2017
Tbh I would slap him if he ever did like no papi u will treat me better
madsmarvel madsmarvel Jun 03, 2017
When your hearts under attach, give you everything I have, it's my destinyyyy, I will never say neverrrrr
customguccis customguccis May 27, 2017
lol yall really calling her a slut but justins doin the same thing
criesinbieber criesinbieber Jun 22, 2017
Its sad bc thats true. If youre rich you can do whatever 🙄😂