My Angel

My Angel

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Grayson By XxxGraysonxxX Updated Oct 11, 2015

Cassidy Tate, an angel with a dark secret. She was one among many that was chosen to be and angel. But she was special. Her wings where pure white while others were beige. That meant she was chosen by God. And she was the very last angel with white wings. But her wings came with a price. She'd become a hunter that hunts rouges, and vampires that are bothering packs. 

She has long blonde hair with her right eye blue with as catch through it and her left pure black. 

Xavier Swift, a powerful Alpha with no mate. He was one of the few Alpha's without a mate. And he wanted her very badly. Someone to hold and call his. And he's only 18, the youngest but most powerful Alpha ever known. He heard the rumor of a powerful hunter but he never one encountered him/her. The only people that saw her, were never seen again. 

But what's happens when she turns out to be My Angel?

  • alpha
  • angel
  • drama
  • heaven
  • highschool
  • hunter
  • love
  • mate
  • packs
  • rouges
  • werewolf
  • wings
alisparkesisawesome alisparkesisawesome May 07, 2016
There is not a place called paris in london as far as i know but it is your story so i am guessing you made it up
TheMaidenOfTheHunt TheMaidenOfTheHunt Dec 03, 2015
What's the difference between God and the Creator. Aren't they the same?
moorgie moorgie Jun 21, 2015
Do you mean Paris, France? London is not a country, and it in in England.