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Fandom Memes

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Jack By Jacksparrow69 Updated Feb 26, 2015

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Percy Jackson
Heroes of Olympus
Finding Nemo
Lord of the Rings


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formerlywild formerlywild Apr 10, 2017
Those people who don't know this references Percy Jackson -_-"
chloec668 chloec668 Dec 31, 2017
once we were living in a camp ground and the only gas stashion around was called the dam store because of the duglis dam and one day i asked my mom why we were at the dam store and a guy came to me and said "you better watch your language young lady!"
Peregryne Peregryne Mar 15
This dam joke is killing me from laughter every time 😂😂😂😂😂
Dam joke is making me laugh. My dam relatives are in the room. They're wondering why I'm laughing at my dam phone.
stffusrnms stffusrnms Jul 16, 2017
All these dam memes about that one time someone said something about a dam in a Percy Jackson book. It's dam annoying!
                              Oh great, now I'm doing it too.
greenpistachio greenpistachio Jul 26, 2016
 #TEAMSTOLLS (you know you wanna) ~totally not Travis or Conner