Got Your Tail (boyxboy) [COMPLETE]

Got Your Tail (boyxboy) [COMPLETE]

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Chubby and Blue By BigNeptune Completed

Sven Gale has been rejected. It is final.

I mean all the bullying, all the bad treatment, all the harsh words they sucked, but nothing broke his heart like the end to a relationship that never began.

Yes he's going to run away, sobbing with his tail between his legs, oh but not before robbing the entire pack and reeking as much well deserved havoc as he can before he disappears.

Little does he know, someone is on his tail.

This is D/s.

Ronnelorde Ronnelorde Sep 12
High school is the best for me! No bully! And all accept me being gay! I'm on Christian High school by the way
RiskyChoice RiskyChoice Aug 02
Dye is coloring something
                              Bytch isn't something I know in the English language
                              You should go back to kindergarten son
Wiked17 Wiked17 Sep 03
The difference between his sassy self in his mind and reality is large. Shame
I know like what you worrying about me for my grades are my grades.
Radio says speed it up I just go slower which is exactly what he needs to do
Rumandy Rumandy Jul 26
High school has been great for me. I started when i was 12 and everything has been fine since so idk go Canada??