Got Your Tail (boyxboy) [COMPLETE]

Got Your Tail (boyxboy) [COMPLETE]

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Chubby and Blue By BigNeptune Completed

Sven Gale has been rejected. It is final.

I mean all the bullying, all the bad treatment, all the harsh words they sucked, but nothing broke his heart like the end to a relationship that never began.

Yes he's going to run away, sobbing with his tail between his legs, oh but not before robbing the entire pack and reeking as much well deserved havoc as he can before he disappears.

Little does he know, someone is on his tail.

This is D/s.

  • alpha
  • boyxboy
  • bxb
  • dominant
  • fantasy
  • gay
  • pack
  • possesive
  • rejected
  • revenge
  • rogue
  • roguexalpha
  • romance
  • runaway
  • submissive
  • yaoi
You didn't evenwash your heads so who really should die 👀
owlthebird owlthebird Feb 11
Mary, Joe, Lisa always the same that's not my name that's not my name
My friends and I call each other faggots all the time
                              It kinda difuses the hurt when I actually get called one
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂poor dude doesn't know anything yet
Rubixz Rubixz Mar 05
Hmmm for me I never experienced any bullying or ever witnessed it either. My school is pretty chill?? I don't like highschool but not because of things like bullies. Now that I think about it I was pretty lucky to have never faced it
Asobimo Asobimo Feb 19
I like your personality, so I'm gonna break it to you real quick. You see...
                              Your in bl story, which means either you are top or well you know the rest